Securing Your Firearm in Clever Hiding Places

Securing Your Firearm in Clever Hiding Places

( – Your firearms need to be in a secure location, not only so they don’t get stolen, but so they don’t end up in the hands of children. Remember that even if you taught your children not to play with guns, that doesn’t mean their curious friends know they aren’t toys. With that in mind, let’s go over some creative hiding spots.

Security is the most important consideration when storing a firearm. Concealment is great, but it doesn’t cover your basis if one of your children, or a burglar, comes across your hiding place. The video above shows a great way to store your firearm that offers both concealment and security.

You want hiding spots that even curious kids won’t accidentally find. For example, you can create a custom compartment in the floor, wall, or ceiling. You can easily hide the opening, and you can install a lock for added security. Setting up a false wall in a closet, pantry, or at the end of a hallway is another excellent way to hide your firearms.

You can easily create a safe place to store your weapons that’s not visible and has a low probability of being discovered. Remember to consider accessibility when hiding your firearm. The goal is to prevent children and home intruders from accessing your guns. You will still need to have easy access to them in the event of a break-in or similar emergency.

Many people carry their firearm with them, which is fine. However, you will need to take additional precautions when traveling in a vehicle with a child. Check out how you can safely keep a gun in a vehicle when children are present.

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