Sharpen Your Survival Skills While Having Fun

Sharpen Your Survival Skills While Having Fun

( – Survival skills may seem like they require a lot of time outdoors. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, the idea that you have to be outside to learn survival skills is simply untrue. Want proof? Well, see below to find it!

The game in the video above is one fun way to enhance hand-eye coordination while also engaging the brain; both are important when surviving. Of course, this isn’t the only game out there that can help boost the brain. Board games like chess, Stratego and Risk can help you improve your strategizing skills. Keep in mind that some of these games have many pieces and may be unplayable if too many are missing.

Consider playing card games more often. After all, it may be a valuable skill after SHTF to be able to play poker and win some much-needed items. Plus, a deck of cards is relatively cheap, especially in the world of games.

What’s better than increasing a skill while having fun at the same time? Try increasing skills, having fun and shooting guns. Check out how you can make target practice more entertaining, not that it needs to be.

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