Techniques to Driving Safely in Fog

Techniques to Driving Safely in Fog

( – It’s coming to that time of year when morning fog is at its worst. This common weather phenomenon can impair your ability to see objects while driving, leading to serious accidents. We have a few techniques that might help you stay safe while driving in ground-level clouds.

First and foremost, if possible, stay home when the fog is bad; if you stay home, you don’t risk getting into an accident. Even when the fog doesn’t appear to be thick where you live, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be elsewhere, so always stay vigilant. If you travel, and decide to pull over, make sure to do so by moving as far to the side of the roadway as possible.

AccuWeather suggests using the white line on the side of the road as a guide when you’re driving through the fog. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be afraid to go slowly and cautiously when navigating in these types of conditions; just be sure to turn your hazard lights on.

Also, check your mirrors before you decide to slow your car down to make sure there isn’t anyone immediately behind you. Cars following too closely may collide with your vehicle if their drivers don’t notice you slowing in time, so give them space — and lightly apply the brakes, rather than stopping quickly, giving others time to adjust their speed.

Skip cruise control altogether and never accelerate if a car is following too closely. Just because they’re driving dangerously doesn’t mean you should. Be sure to have plenty of space between you and the vehicle ahead of you to allow for plenty of stopping distance.

Fog can cause your windshield to develop condensation and make it even harder to see, so use your vehicle’s wipers and defroster to help prevent this issue from happening. Visibility is extremely important when driving. It may be tempting to follow the lights ahead of you or turn your high beams on, but either can spell disaster.

It’s not always the weather that threatens to put you in harm’s way when you’re behind the wheel. The vehicle itself can pose a serious threat if you don’t keep up on proper maintenance. One possible hazard is blowing a tire, which can sometimes be fatal. Be sure to see how you can survive this untimely and inconvenient occurrence.

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