This Common Household Nuisance Is Dangerous

This Common Household Nuisance Is Dangerous

( – A danger is in your home right now, whether you see it or not. While this invader’s usually just a nuisance, it can prove fatal under the right (or wrong) circumstances. What is this nuisance and why can it be dangerous? Read on to find out.

Unfortunately, dust is nearly impossible to prevent, and humans actually cause a large amount of it via our dead skin cells. It may seem harmless, but without proper filtration, or if an abundance of dust is present, it can become a problem. Thankfully, our bodies have a natural way of dealing with dust particles as long as they aren’t too plentiful.

As the video above explains, the human body comes equipped with natural filters that may be able to deal with normal dust and the particulate found therein. Unfortunately, these filters fall short when it comes to certain possible dust contaminants:

  • Volcanic ash contains glass, which can lacerate the throat and parts of your lungs. It also contains harmful aerosols such as hydrogen sulfide, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids, and sulfur dioxide. When mixed with the fluid in the lungs, it forms a cement-like substance that can be fatal.
  • Radioactive fallout from nuclear explosions results in particles falling down to Earth and contaminating the area. Smaller particles may be carried well beyond the blast and, depending on weather conditions, may contaminate large areas.
  • Chemical spills can also cause dangerous dust when they contaminate the ground. A gust of wind can lift these particles and transport them through the air, making it possible for you to breathe in the chemicals.

If any of these contaminants are a known threat following a major disaster, you’re going to want a gas mask or N95 respirator to help protect your lungs. Breathing in these particles will put your life in danger.

Chances are, after SHTF, you won’t have a central air unit or portable purifiers to filter your air. Be sure to beat out your rugs and pillows monthly to remove the buildup of dust there. In addition to your possibly newly found knowledge on dust and air particles, be sure to check out why you may want to avoid the air dryer in a public restroom.

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