This Flotation Device You Have to See to Believe


( – The fear of drowning is a very rational one as it can happen to even the most experienced swimmers. Every day inexperienced swimmers get on boats and rafts, putting themselves into dangerous situations. Not everyone wears a life vest like they’re supposed to. So, what can you do if you’re in the water without a flotation device?

As the video demonstrates, you can turn your pants into an improvised flotation device. This tactic could literally save your life, especially if you’re not a strong swimmer. Not to mention the fact that this technique can help you rest your legs after treading water; believe us, you get tired faster than you’d think.

Utilize this technique to help you stay afloat until you can get to safety or help arrives. Note that this trick works better with tightly woven fabrics such as denim, but anything could work in a pinch. Your pants aren’t the only article of clothing that can save your life; check out how you can survive using the shirt off of your back.

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