Tips for Surviving a Blizzard in the Wild

Tips for Surviving a Blizzard in the Wild

( – A blizzard can be dangerous under the best of circumstances. Now, imagine being caught in a blizzard while in the middle of nowhere. Howling winds and extreme snowfall can cause whiteout conditions that make you virtually blind. Here are a couple of examples of shelters you can build to help you survive a blizzard.

The first step in surviving a blizzard is to take cover in the closest place you can. If no ready-to-use cover is available, you’ll need to get creative.

As shown in the video, a trench shelter is simple to make and can be done quickly. However, you need to be careful not to sweat too much as it will likely freeze later and cause you to become colder – putting you at risk of hypothermia.

Snow caves are the best way to take cover from extreme conditions. Unfortunately, these caves are difficult to make, and it can take hours to create one large enough for more than one person.

In a blizzard, it’s not the snow that threatens you; it’s the wind. So, the best way to survive is to get away from the wind. Creating a wind blocker is a great way to do it. You need to be in an area where the proper supplies are present. You need pine tree bows, spruce works best, and a stable place to prop them against.

Once you’ve propped the branches against a tree or large boulder, scoop as much snow as you can onto the branches. The blizzard winds and snowfall will fill in the gaps, and soon you’ll have an effective wind block.

If you have some notice before the blizzard hits, you can create a shelter beforehand. Check out how you can build a quinzee shelter to protect yourself from the elements.

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