Top Pocket Tools for Urban Survival

Top Pocket Tools for Urban Survival

( – Urban survival refers to one’s ability to survive in a populated area after a natural or man-made disaster has broken down basic utilities and civil order. As with anything, it’s easier to get by with the right tools, so let’s get into some portable options that can help you survive an urban environment.

The video above shows about 15 pieces of gear you can carry with you every day to help you survive in an urban environment, although not all this equipment is necessary. Here’s our list of the items everyone should have on them, which you can use as a foundation to build your own everyday carry (EDC) gear set:

  1. Water container. Honestly, this one speaks for itself. You need a container to carry water with you (Most water containers won’t fit in a pocket though). In addition, plastic bottles can have multiple uses in survival situations.
  2. Knife. This one is also important, but it can be replaced with a multitool that has a knife included. Knives are extremely helpful both for surviving and self-defense.
  3. Lighter/matches. You never know when you may need a fire, and these items make it simple to start one.
  4. Cash. In the event the grid goes down, you’ll still be able to buy goods and services.
  5. Flashlight. This is perhaps one of the most underrated tools you can carry with you every day. Not only can one help you see in low light, but it can be used to blind and potentially even strike an attacker.
  6. Navigation. No, not your cellphone. You need a reliable compass and map of your area and the ability to make use of these tools. If the grid goes, so does the fancy GPS on your phone — and then it’s back to good ole paper maps.
  7. Shelter. Typically, in an urban environment, you’re surrounded by shelter, but you may not have access to buildings or areas where shelter is available. You could use your car, but having a tarp handy is never a bad thing.

These are only a few of the basics that could substantially help you survive, but none of the above is any good without the right mindset. In the event of civil unrest, be sure never to leave home without these items.

Do you have any other items you carry for urban survival? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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