What to Do When Facing a Downed Power Line

What to Do When Facing a Downed Power Line

(TacticalNews.com) – Storms, high winds, ice and heavy snowfall can lead to power lines falling down. While they seem harmless, they are actually extremely dangerous. Let us explain what you need to do if you ever stumble across a downed power line.

Rule #1 is to never, ever take for granted that a downed power line is de-energized. Instead, presume that any and all power lines are electrified. You should never attempt to move, or go near, a downed power line. As the video above explains, never drive over downed lines either.

Keep your distance; downed power lines can energize the ground around them for a 35-foot radius. Never attempt to touch a person or animal that is in the “danger zone” or touch the lines yourself. It may be heartbreaking, but touching either could result in you losing your life as well.

If you find yourself within the 35-foot “kill zone,” be sure to shuffle your feet as you walk away, taking care not to lift either foot from the ground. In doing so, you keep the circuit complete; once you lift your foot and make contact with the ground, you’re interrupting the circuit and completing it again, resulting in electrocution. Always try to keep others away and at a safe distance and be sure to call 911 if you notice this emergency.

Downed power lines are only one of many dangers you could face both while driving and on foot. Be sure to check out what you should do when faced with a tornado.

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