Why Everyone Should Add Oats to Their Survival Food Stores

Why Everyone Should Add Oats to Their Survival Food Stores

(TacticalNews.com) – There are plenty of foods that make great additions to an emergency stockpile. Generally, consumables with a long shelf life that are packed with nutrients are the top choices. Some foods, however, go above and beyond simply being edible – they’re also useful for other survival tasks. This is especially true in the case of oats.

Let’s look at a few reasons why everyone should stock up on oats:

First and foremost, when processed and stored properly, oats can last 20 years on a shelf. Perhaps one of the best aspects of oats is that they’re easy to make, even without power. All you need to do is boil some water, or even just allow the oats to soak overnight with a hint of vinegar or lemon juice.

Wheat and rice are great foods as well; however, they lack the protein content that oats have. Thanks to their makeup, oats take longer to digest than most grains, making you feel fuller for longer. Have animals that need feeding too? Well, oats can double as a food source for livestock and poultry. Even dogs can eat oatmeal.

Not only can oats keep the family fed, but they also have a rather surprising medicinal use as well, explained in the following video:

One of the best features of oats is that they’re relatively cheap. However, don’t let the price fool you. This food is as versatile as they come, good for a number of applications. Check out these other items we suggest people stock up on.

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