Cooking From Scratch With Powerless Appliances

Cooking From Scratch With Powerless Appliances

( – We often take for granted the convenience of our everyday lives, including out kitchen appliances. However, our microwaves, food processors, coffee makers and so much more become utterly useless after a power outage. Most blackouts are temporary, but what if the next one isn’t?

Just because the power goes out, doesn’t necessarily mean one must say goodbye to cooking. After all, people made wonderful meals long before blenders and food processors were invented. Let’s take a look at some options everyone should have just in case the lights go out:

The manual food processor above is a wonderful tool to have at your disposal; the video demonstrates the different uses these processors have and how to use them. Of course, this is just one item of the many that you can utilize to help you cook or make coffee after SHTF. Here are only some examples of manual or powerless appliances you should think about having on hand:

  • Meat grinder – this handy device is perfect for making your own ground hamburger meat or sausages.
  • Solar oven – whether you buy one or make your own, no more worries about burning your favorite dinner. Just put it in the sun, and you’re good to go!
  • Solar dehydrator
  • Percolator – SHTF will be bad enough, no morning coffee — a whole other catastrophe.
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Peeler
  • Timer
  • Hand crank can opener – last thing you want to do is try to open your cans with a spoon.
  • Eggbeater
  • Filter
  • Tea kettle
  • Scale
  • Dutch oven

There are plenty more options on the market. All of these items will help you in the kitchen when there’s no power, temporarily or not. Of course, in the event of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), there’s no telling when the power is coming back, if at all. So be sure to check out these EMP proof tools and add them to your stockpile.

Have you ever used powerless appliances? How was the experience? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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