Harmful Substances Become Lifesavers

Harmful Substances Become Lifesavers

(TacticalNews.com) – If you were to be attacked in your home, how would you react or defend yourself? For many, the obvious answer here may be to have a gun. However, not everyone owns a firearm or has one nearby at all times. That’s when improvising comes into play. We are talking about a life or death situation, and these surprisingly harmful substances can serve as effective alternatives when facing an aggressor intent on harming you.

Wasp spray and hornet spray do have controversy surrounding whether or not they work. However, these sprays do contain certain chemicals that can cause skin and eye irritation, as well as possible nerve damage.

Bug spray, such as Off Repellant, doesn’t just keep mosquitoes at bay. Anyone who has accidentally gotten it in their eyes can tell you it burns.

Bleach mixed with water can also serve as a way to defend yourself. The concentration of bleach with water will determine how effective the spray is; blindness and severe respiratory problems can result from this irritant.

Hair spray is another option that can cause an attacker to think twice as it will cause a great deal of irritation.

Remember that just because you spray the attacker with any of these harmful substances, isn’t a guarantee they’ll stop coming at you. Be sure to take the opportunity to run and get help before they can resume attacking you.

Consult a legal expert and your state and local laws in regards to these options. You don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law for simply defending yourself.

For other hidden self-defense weapons in your home, be sure to check out how some family toys can be used, as well as household tools.

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