SHTF & You’re Stranded in a Car…WWYD?

SHTF & You're Stranded in a Car...WWYD?

( – Your car is a great asset when operating normally. However, it can also be the instrument of your destruction if it breaks down and leaves you stranded. What should you do in this situation?

The following video shows an extreme example of this unfortunate event wherein a driver was buried under four feet of snow in his car for hours.

Fortunately, this kind of extreme example is rare. More often than not, mechanical trouble or a flat tire will end up stranding you. Staying in or near your vehicle is your best chance for survival, particularly when this happens during extreme weather.

Your vehicle provides numerous benefits until rescue workers can arrive. For instance, it provides shelter from the elements. Additionally, you can charge your cell phone, enabling you to call for help. Likewise, a rescue team can use your phone’s GPS to track your location.

You shouldn’t run your vehicle for more than 20 minutes at a time to conserve fuel. If you’re traveling with someone, be sure to sleep in shifts. That way, one of you can flag down any passing cars, day or night.

To signal your distress, you can tie a fluorescent flag or some other bright piece of fabric to your antenna or hang it outside your window. Your dome light or a flashlight can also be used as another way to flag down help.

Surviving any situation is greatly enhanced by proper prep. Check out what you could carry with you in your pocket to help you survive this and other unexpected conditions.

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