What to Do When Someone is Following You

What to Do When Someone’s Following You

(TacticalNews.com) – It’s an unfortunate fact that not all people on the planet are good. There are those in the population who will take advantage of others for their own personal gain. Worse, there are predators out there who hurt or even kill people for fun. Being armed with this knowledge makes being followed by a stranger frightening.

Granted, just because you think you’re being followed doesn’t mean you actually are. Should you notice someone following you, there are ways to confirm they really are stalking you. Here’s what to do to stay safe:

The first thing to do is to confirm you are actually being followed. If in a store such as Walmart, go to areas that have no connection to each other. For example, go from the dairy section straight to automotive and then the pharmacy.

If you still have a tail, you’ll know that they’re following you. Once you’ve confirmed you’re being followed you need to stay calm. Panicking can impact reaction time and your ability to think rationally potentially increasing the level of danger.

Most criminals choose to attack those who are unaware of their presence. If you indicate that you’re onto them, they’re likely going to back off. Oftentimes, a simple glance and stare may be enough to deter them.

Additionally, avoid looking like a victim. Walk with confidence, keeping your head up and use your cell phone to call someone, speaking in a loud voice.

Do not go anywhere isolated from other people. Stay in the open to avoid being attacked. Lastly, get help. You can dial 911, or ask someone in the store to walk you to your car.

A large part of being safe is knowing which areas to avoid. Check out how you can identify and avoid dangerous locations.

Have you ever been followed by a stranger before? If so, how did you handle the situation? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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