Which to Raise… The Duck or the Chicken

Which to Raise… The Duck or the Chicken

(TacticalNews.com) – So you’ve found your homestead. Garden is planted, the root cellar is prepared for harvest, and now you can’t decide which to raise, ducks or chickens. Each is fairly simple, but they need different set ups. If it’s the eggs you crave, there is a difference. American-Outdoors.net will explain further:

While ducks and chickens do provide a lot of the same benefits, eggs and meat, they also tend to have similar needs. Both have no issue living in a multi-species environment and are content getting their food from free-range living. For keepers wishing not to allow the chickens or ducks free range, no fear; both can be fed the same feed. Ducks will still thrive on chicken layer feed, but be sure to add brewer’s yeast to supply them with much needed niacin.

Neither requires a lot of time, space or monetary involvement, and they are awesome for pest control, helping to keep insects at bay. When it comes to breeding and hatching, they are very self-sufficient. These birds can even be housed together as long as the chickens have roosting bars to sleep on at night and nesting boxes to lay their eggs in in the morning. Ducks will require some kind of water set up, a pond or pool they can use to swim and bathe in, and they will lay eggs anywhere they see fit.

Both have predators to be concerned with; dogs, cats, foxes and raccoons are all threats, especially when the birds are young. As adults, chickens tend to have a better success rate when it comes to escaping than ducks do. This is because they have the ability to flee, fly or roost higher. Something to consider when raising either.

Whether you decide to raise chickens, ducks or maybe even both, know that having them on your homestead is quite beneficial for egg production, meat production, pest control and fertilization. Whichever route you choose, check out other ways to keep insects away from your home and food supply here.

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