Adventure, Death, Poetry, and Hidden Treasure

Adventure, Death, Poetry, and Hidden Treasure

( – Who doesn’t love a good story full of adventure, tragedy, and the ultimate goal of seeing a protagonist achieving their goals? Typically, these sorts of stories are relegated to books, movies, and other media. It’s hard to believe that such adventures can happen in the real world, but this story shows it’s possible.

Forrest Fenn, an art dealer and author from New Mexico, announced to the world that he had hidden a chest full of treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains ten years ago. Fenn told would-be treasure seekers that hints to its location could be found in his poems. Since then, a massive hunt for the cache has been ongoing.

Unfortunately, as with many great stories, there have been tragedies along the way. During this 10-year quest for treasure, at least five people have lost their lives. This story of a real life treasure hunt does have a happy ending though, as someone has finally found the 42-pound bronze chest. Forrest Fenn who is now 89 years old stated the treasure had been found over the weekend and the search was over.

Though the identity of the person who found it remains anonymous at their request, Fenn said he received picture evidence of the chest — confirming it as being found. The chest, containing around $2 million worth of rare artifacts, rubies, gold, jewelry, diamonds, and other valuables, has been sought after by an estimated 350,000 people in the last decade.

Those involved in the quest to find the treasure relied on a 24-line poem written by Fenn titled “The Thrill of the Chase.” Forrest stated he has mixed emotions about the unearthing of his treasure, saying he is both sad and happy that the hunt is finally over.

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