Gun Rights Fall Ill Due to COVID

Gun Rights Fall Ill Due to COVID

( – Gun-rights activists have expressed a lot of concerns about possible restrictions due to the coronavirus. After all, while the Second Amendment has stood firm since its conception, it finds itself under daily attack in the modern world.

US Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Alito, showed his concern that our Second Amendment rights may be in danger along with other individual rights during pandemic restrictions. Justice Alito stated that the pandemic has already resulted in several personal liberty restrictions that were unthinkable until now.

Alito warned that it wasn’t just the Second Amendment that is under attack, but the freedom of speech as well. He added that Americans and the law system need to do whatever it could to prevent our First Amendment protections from turning into a “second-tier constitutional right.” Currently, the primary second-tier constitutional right is embodied in the Second Amendment.

Of course, the mainstream media criticized Alito’s statement, with the New York Times calling it “unusually political.” Other outlets called it “politically charged,” “caustic,” and “unscrupulously biased.” NBC called the move a “forceful entry.”

However, Alito’s message was simple. He was merely stating that the Supreme Court cannot turn a blind eye when individual rights are threatened.

Those on the left side of the political spectrum have no problem admitting they’re coming for the Second Amendment. In fact, some blows have been taken by the right to protect the right to bear arms. Be sure to check out how the Second Amendment has made a comeback in 2020.

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