ALERT! Dire Warning for Gun Rights Advocates

ALERT! Dire Warning for Gun Rights Advocates

( – Just when gun owners were able to point at daily events and without any sort of question at all, verify the need to retain our 2A rights, here they come with another bill bent on destroying them. With a 30% tax on firearms and a 50% tax on shells and cartridges, gun lovers may be forced to lean more and more toward manufacturing their own guns and ammo.

But, look out! There are changes in this bill for those things, too. And it doesn’t stop there.

For some, hunting with children who have been trained in gun safety measures at about the same time as they learned to tie their shoes, owning a gun is a right of passage. And that right may be coming to an end.

As if HR 5717 wasn’t bad enough, a simple change of language is also defining adulthood. “Firearms” will replace “rifles, handguns, shotguns, etc.” so that what once was an age limit for handguns will be an age limit for all guns. While our children will be able to sign legal contracts, are encouraged to go into significant debt, and are required to register for purposes of a potential draft, they won’t be able to walk into a store and buy a .22 until they are 21 years of age.

As usual, the Left is trying to sneak some unwarranted limits into a bill that makes it harder and harder to actively retain your 2A rights. It’s time to speak up, and let our leaders know that the fleecing of America under false pretenses of safety is coming to an end.

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