Camp Food…How to Avoid Sharing With Critters

Camp Food...How to Avoid Sharing With Critters

( – Many people like camping out while on a hunting trip. While it’s a great experience, it can quickly turn sour should your camp be invaded by unwanted visitors attracted to your food. The following video discusses a few ways to avoid uninvited sharing.

The first thing you need to do is store anything that smells — anything, not just food items. Toothpaste, soap, and even sunscreen may smell appealing to wildlife. So, be sure to stash these items in smell proof containers along with any food you may have to prevent their scents from spreading.

Using a bear canister is a great way to achieve that goal. Typically they cost between $60 to $80 but are worth it considering the other option is having a four-legged beast wreaking havoc on your campsite. Some national parks have permanent bear canisters available to rent. Be sure to call ahead and make sure they have any available.

Keeping your food and equipment off the ground, especially in a hunting camp, is another excellent way to avoid animals running off with your supplies, or your kill. Hanging your food in a tree at least 20 feet off the ground is a simple way to accomplish that feat. Tie a rock to one end of your cordage and throw it over a branch. Then all you need to do is tie the other end to your canister and pull it up.

A good portion of hunting is done during winter. So, be sure to check out these winter tips and read up on how a hunting camp can be set up. Additionally, there’s always a chance you could get caught in a blizzard. Check out these tips for surviving one in the wild.

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