Check Out This Survival Pellet Gun

Check Out This Survival Pellet Gun

( – When looking for survival tools, you look for something reliable that gets the job done. Guns are great tools to have, but not everyone can own a firearm due to local laws (or prior convictions). For the most part, anyone can purchase an air rifle.

Some people probably think it’s completely crazy to consider a pellet gun a survival tool. On the other hand, many will see that it’s truly a great tool to have in their arsenal. Not only are they quieter than a firearm, but you also don’t need a background check to purchase one. You can just walk in, pick one out, and pay for it.

The GAMO line of air rifles is pretty impressive and very affordable. The .177 caliber GAMO Big Cat can fire a pellet at 1250 feet per second (fps), which is impressive considering most .22 caliber rimfire rifles only reach about 1100-1200 fps.

These factors make it a great small game hunting tool, which can be important in a survival situation. If you’re still on the fence about whether an air rifle can be an essential survival tool, consider the fact the ammo is super cheap and easy to find, costing less than $15 for 1250 pellets!

Obviously, you won’t be able to down a deer with an air rifle. So, check out how you can find your perfect deer hunting rifle and be ready for deer season.

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