Creative Hacks to Build Discipline

Creative Hacks to Build Discipline

( – Arguably, the greatest trait one can build for their survival mindset is discipline. It can be the difference between giving up when you’re tired and beaten down, or finding that inner grit and trudging through to the finish line. A disciplined mind will do what is necessary to get the job done, regardless of how tough or unpleasant the task may be.

Unfortunately, very few people are naturally disciplined. It’s a hard trait to develop, and many people shy away from it because building it involves a generally uncomfortable process. There isn’t a “get disciplined quick” pill you can take. With the right attitude and the proper know-how, getting there can be a lot less painful than one might think.

In the following video, Warrior Poet Society provides some insight on how to hack your brain to develop a disciplined mindset:

The first tip John Lovell provides is to focus less on setting goals while working more to develop habits. The goal to work out each day may be a fantastic target, but getting yourself to do it can be overwhelming with the busy day-to-day schedules most people have. Instead of setting a goal to spend an hour a day in the gym, start small by spending 5 minutes a day doing quick exercises. After a month or two of this, the practice will become a habit. At that point, you will be used to doing the routine, and adding more time to it will be easier. You’ll also be in better shape, making longer sessions less intimidating.

Make substitutions if you find your discipline failing. For example, if you’re dieting but find giving up Coca-Cola is hard, substitute the soda with carbonated, flavored water. It might not be the same at first, but eventually, your body will stop craving the Coke because you have tricked it into thinking it has received something of equal value.

Developing a disciplined mind can be intimidating, but when you learn how to hack your system, it can be a lot easier than you think. As with anything else, the more you practice, the better you will get.

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