Fact or Fiction: Can Deer See Blaze Orange Camo?


(TacticalNews.com) – Since the debut of blaze orange hunting gear, concerns over whether or not deer can see the color orange have been rampant. We use this bright, vibrant color to ensure other hunters in the woods do not mistake us for prey. But if humans can see orange so well, can the deer see it, too?

In the following video, Light ’em Up Outdoors lets us know exactly what deer can, and can’t, see:

According to a study conducted by the University of Georgia’s Deer Research Laboratory, deer can see yellow and blue wavelengths, but not red or green. Essentially, they are red/green colorblind. What this means for hunters is that deer can’t see the bright blaze gear as so many fear they can. Despite their inability to see orange, though, deer can pick out blue jeans or clothing washed in UV brightening products — especially at dawn or dusk.

Additionally, the study found that deer have an incredible ability to detect movement. In fact, they can process twice the number of images per second that a human being can. This means deer are likely to spot nearby hunters’ movements, which can cause them to bolt.

Most states have mandates on blaze gear for hunting season, but the rules vary state by state. Make sure to check the local guidelines before heading out to ensure you have the proper equipment. Rest assured, even though the other hunters will be able to spot you from a distance, the deer won’t.

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