Leave Them Crying With THIS Self Defense Tool

Hand-Held Self-Defense Package

(TacticalNews.com) – Self-defense is a hot topic for American’s concerned with recent civil unrest. For those who aren’t comfortable with carrying a firearm, but still want a way to defend themselves, there are many devices on the market that could fit into their everyday carry (EDC) arsenal. One such self-defense tool is the PepperBall Compact launcher. Check out the details below.


The PepperBall Mobile Launcher (PBML) is a handheld device designed for one thing and one thing only: self-defense. The PBML is combined with both an LED flashlight and a laser. To use the device, simply point, aim, and shoot.

The package includes the PBML, six live PepperBall projectiles, twelve inert practice balls, and three 8g CO2 cartridges. With the ability to carry three rounds loaded into the device, the PBML weighs about 1.4 pounds, has a launch velocity of 250 fps (170 mph), is effective up to 40 feet, and creates a 12-foot debilitating cloud of irritant.


When it comes to self-defense tools, the PBML certainly isn’t the cheapest. But when it’s price is compared to that of a gun, it doesn’t seem so bad. The PBML retails for $199.99, a small price to pay for salvation and safety.


So whether you’re looking to add to your arsenal of non-lethal self-defense tools, can’t afford a firearm, or simply are not able to own or carry one, the PBML is an excellent alternative. Check out these other non-lethal self-defense tools you can take with you just about anywhere.

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