Hand Signals: Communicating in Silence

Hand Signals: Communicating in Silence

(TacticalNews.com) – Communication is the key to success in any situation, especially for groups attempting to complete a task. However, it’s not always practical to use a radio. There are times when you need to relay a message without making a sound.

A quick internet search returns with dozens of “tactical hand signals.” But it’s not practical to learn them all. The following video shows 14 easy-to-learn signals that can cover most of your needs.

You will likely encounter gangs, factions, and other groups operating with bad intentions after a major disaster. Having the ability to communicate with others without making any news can save your life and that of others.

Just make sure no one is missed when using hand signals. Watch to make sure the person next to you receives your message and passes it along to the next person. Operating with a team usually improves your chances of surviving an extreme situation, and learning and practicing hand signals will give you a tactical edge over others.

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