Self Defense: Elbow Strike Methods

Self Defense: Elbow Strike Methods

( – According to the FBI, violent crime is skyrocketing across the nation. With the number of homicides and violent attacks increasing, it’s crucial to know how to defend yourself. Thankfully, there are some easy to learn options that don’t require extensive training to

While most striking techniques have their place in self-defense, some are more effective than others in an up-close and personal confrontation. For example, elbow strikes. Considered the hardest and sharpest point of the body, the elbow can become an ultimate force to reckon with.

The technique demonstrated in the video above is a diagonal elbow strike. Like most elbow strikes, the Muay Thai diagonal elbow strike requires close contact with the opponent. The strike works using either arm depending on preference or circumstance.

Another technique, the Krav Maga Hammer elbow strike, is good for when your opponent is bent over or going for a takedown. Be mindful that this strike should be used as a last resort, as it can be lethal. Again, either arm works, but you’ll probably deliver a better blow using your dominant arm. To execute this strike, raise your bent arm and bring all of your weight down onto the elbow you’re striking with; your elbow should be at a 90º angle when it makes contact.

These are only two of the many elbow striking methods out there, and we recommend you find the one that best plays to your strengths. Fear and intimidation are also important factors in a fight. Check out how you can manage both to give yourself the best chance at winning.

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