Speedloader Pouch Built for Concealment

Speedloader Pouch Built for Concealment

(TacticalNews.com) – For revolver owners who wish to carry concealed, holding spare ammunition that can be loaded quickly and be hidden away is a problem. Sure, you can hold speedloaders and speed strips in a pocket, but they may be uncomfortable for EDC (everyday carry) as they are rather bulky. Additionally there’s a chance the bullets can dislodge from a speed strip, or the knob on a speedloader can turn and dump the bullets in your pocket — not a pleasant surprise if you’re in a situation where you need to reload in a hurry.

Traditional pouches for speedloaders are large, and designed for use at the gun range or in a competitive environment. They are not what you want if you intend to be incognito.

Meet the JOX

The JOX speedloader pouch is designed for both concealment and speedy reloading. The pouches use a J-hook attachment and are available for 1.25”, 1.5” and 1.75” belts. It’s much slimmer than the other options on the market, and can be easily covered by an untucked shirt.

The JOX pouch can also give much faster reload times than traditional pouches, as it uses dual retention clips rather than a flap to secure the speedloader.

JOX Specs

According to the manufacturer, the JOX Speedloader pouch can “accommodate either .38spl or .357mag when loaded to the maximum overall length of 1.55″ for .38 Special and 1.59″ for .357 Magnum. Pouches for larger calibers, like .44 Special or .44 Magnum, will be sized for those calibers when ordered. The foam inserts included with the pouch can adjust the compartment for different cartridge lengths.

The Good, the Bad and the Expensive

The JOX Speedloader pouch is a great option for both concealment and for speed; however, they’re going to cost you — about $50 a pop. Each pouch is handmade, so this increases both the price and the wait time to receive your product. The lead time to get the pouch is currently about six weeks.

The More You Know

Here are a few more facts you may want to know about the JOX Speedloader pouch:

  • The IDPA ( International Defensive Pistol Association) has approved these for use in competition.
  • Each pouch is handcrafted from Kydex.
  • Since the product is handmade some features are customizable, such as color, belt width and the type of speedloader it can accommodate.

If you’re looking to carry your revolver concealed, and want a durable, reliable and discreet option for your reserve ammunition, you may want to consider the JOX.

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