Springfield Armory Hellcat Review

Springfield Armory Hellcat Review

(TacticalNews.com) – For many, a subcompact 9mm sounds like a good idea, but doesn’t always work well because it’s subcompact. Traditionally, by its very nature, a subcompact leaves those of us with large hands headed in the other direction. But the guys at Guns & Ammo have pointed out some differences in the Hellcat subcompact 9mm that just might be worth considering.

The design for this model started with the magazine. You’ll see two options now. The standard model comes with an 11 round flush fit while the upgrade offers a 13 round extended magazine. The magazines also come with the same texturing found on the grip, making it much easier to reload and fire without incident.

You can get this gun in the standard version or add $30 for the upgraded OSP (Optic Sight Pistol). Either way, the U-notch site is made of metal rather than plastic, has a 5-5.5 lb. trigger pull with about a ¼-inch reset. The design allows for a lower axis, which allows for more control over the recoil.

Now, back to the big hands issue. Springfield Armory has provided a flat face trigger rather than a curved one, so it’s much easier for those of us with the gorilla grip to access the trigger. But a safety lever on the trigger also means it’s safer to use. Speaking of safety, the Hellcat comes with a witness hole, so you can see if you have anything in the chamber at a glance. Overall, we give this model a 9/10 simply because the recoil appears to be much more intense than the manufacturer suggests.

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