Urban Survival – Street Skills to Keep You Safe


(TacticalNews.com) – With around 80% of the US population residing in urban or suburban areas, it’s crucial to have the skills necessary to survive. Often, people get too used to what goes on around them, which can lead to trouble. If SHTF in an urban or suburban area, do you have what it takes to survive? If not, watch this video by SensiblePrepper.

One main skill anyone should have regardless of their geography is to be able to blend in. In a city this means becoming a grey man, or someone who doesn’t draw attention to themselves. Sometimes this means you need to do things that make you uncomfortable but might ultimately save your life.

Another big skill to have knowledge in is self-defense. You need to be able to defend yourself should you ever be attacked. You can have a concealed carry permit and arm yourself with a firearm. Or you can take self-defense classes, which teach you how to react to certain situations. Self-defense is a skill that everyone in an urban or suburban area should have due to the nature of those settings.

Knowing the necessary skills to get you through a potentially dangerous situation is invaluable, especially when living in the inner city. If you’re interested in getting a conceal carry permit, check out “How to Choose Your Concealed Carry Gun” to learn which gun may work best for you.

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