Ways to Save Cash While Prepping

X Ways to Save Cash While Prepping

(TacticalNews.com) – Everybody wants to save money, and preppers are no different. There are almost endless ways for us to save money. From gardening to making your own products, let’s talk about how you can save money while prepping.

Grow Your Own Food

Food is one of the most important aspects to survival and can be expensive. The easiest way around paying for food is to grow it yourself. You don’t have to stop there; you can grow feed for any animals you have as well. Let some of your plants go to seed every season to plant next year; some people also collect and plant familiar wild seeds.

When you boil eggs or steam vegetables, most people throw out the leftover water as waste. Instead, cool it off and pour it around plants in your garden to help fertilize them.

You can also collect rainwater for your garden and livestock to keep from spending money on tap water. Take note that the legality of harvesting rainwater differs across the country, so be sure to check up on your state’s laws.

Items to Stop Buying and Start Making

We spend money every day on items we could be making ourselves with the proper knowledge and materials. So, it’s no surprise how much money we can save simply by making these items ourselves. Shampoo, mouthwash, soap, shaving cream, lotion, and other personal hygiene products can run up your bill quickly, so being able to make them yourself can save you some cash.

Food products, such as butter, cheese, peanut butter, and broth, are all easy to make at home and for a fraction of the cost of store-bought products. You can even make your own dog treats and keep your furry friends happy!

Create your own means of self-defense, whether it be a bow and arrows or reloading your own ammunition for your firearms. Not only can you create projectiles, but you can also make targets to practice with, and we all know that practice makes perfect. So why not make target practice fun while reusing some old cardboard?


Preparedness can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. These are only a few examples of ways you can save your wallet while prepping, even now when the prices on everything seem to be increasing with each day.

Not only are these great ways to save money, but they may also help you become more self-reliant, which is the ultimate goal for most preppers. Of course, these skills can be worth more than any amount of money during a disaster, but they’re only a few examples of how to prep and not break the bank. Be sure to check out other ways you can prepare on a budget.

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