Why RECON is Vital to Survival

(TacticalNews.com) – Preppers realize that you can only do so much to prepare for an emergency. There will always be an “unknown factor” that you can only deal with once it reveals itself. Thankfully, you can run reconnaissance in the area you live and eliminate at least a couple of “unknowns.”

Plant Life

Unless you live in a desert or tundra where plant life is scarce, chances are you can find plants to use as food or medicine. Unfortunately, you’ll also likely find poisonous plants, requiring a little research.

But, this just solidifies the need to recon your area and learn about these plants. It’s better to do it now while you have time, rather than taking the chance of eating a deadly plant.


Water is always going to be a necessity for human survival. After SHTF, you may think you have enough water to last. However, it’s at this exact moment when you realize just how much we rely on water. You’ll need to find a natural source of water providing a long-term supply. Use the time you have now to discover these natural sources of water. If all you can find is a lake, you’ll need to be prepared for any “competition” that may present itself.


Again, the human body will need food, and animals can be a great source. No, that doesn’t mean you need to resort to eating your neighbor’s dog or cat. Most areas have wildlife that can be safely consumed. Deer, rabbits, and squirrels are pretty common in most parts of the US. Performing recon on these animals ahead of time will help you understand where they frequent, so you know where to find them when you need them.


Knowing who lives in the immediate surroundings can give you an advantage should things go south. From potential allies to possible threats, scouting out your neighbors is a good idea. Just as keeping your own prepping secret is important, knowing the capabilities of those around you is also essential.


Every region has different weather patterns, and it’s crucial for you to know and understand them. Hurricanes and tornadoes often have a “season” when they are the most likely to occur. However, these extreme weather conditions can occur at any time.

Aside from those natural disasters, spring and fall are likely going to have a lot of rain, so shelter will be extremely important, especially if you’re forced to evacuate your home.

Knowing these patterns combined with an awareness of the landscape around you will help you locate the ideal area to build a shelter if the need arises.


Of course, building a shelter is going to require finding the resources to create it. If you recon your area well enough, you’ll know exactly where the resources you need can be found. This is especially important if you need a particular type of tree. Perhaps your shelter requires the use of clay. Whatever the case may be, you will know where you want to build your shelter and find the resources to make it by reconning the area ahead of time.

Resources could also be considered the roads and buildings in the area. Working knowledge of the surrounding environment can lead to a successful evacuation should major highways become damaged or closed off.

Final Thoughts

So, in short, reconnaissance is a valuable tool whether you use it for survival or not. When you recon your area, you eliminate some of those “unknown factors” which will significantly help you in your quest for survival. In a survival situation, the fewer “unknowns” you have, the better your chances are of surviving.

Check out what you should do first after a disaster. It could relate to what you learned during your reconnaissance.

Do you know your way around the neighborhood, town and surrounding areas that you live in? If it came down to it, do you have a “mental map” of these places so you can evacuate if one or more routes become compromised? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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