Body Armor: Not Just for the Middle Ages…

Benefits of Body Armor Protection

( – There’s no hiding the fact that having body armor is beneficial. After all, humans have used it for thousands of years. Body armor has evolved dramatically over the ages to counteract the advancements in weaponry. In modern times, multiple armor types are available to military members, law enforcement, and civilians.

Is Body Armor Necessary?

In short, yes. Body armor is as necessary now as it has ever been in the past for those concerned with survival. From active shooter scenarios, terrorist attacks, civil unrest or even armed robbery, extra protection could become a lifesaver.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that societal collapse is bound to happen eventually. When it does, having body armor could be a game-changer. Providing yourself and your family members with quality protective gear now is your best option for guaranteeing their safety in a crisis.

Different Armor Types

Like other products, body armor comes in various styles offering a wide array of protection depending on circumstances. For example, you wouldn’t wear a full multi-piece external vest to a dinner party. Social gatherings like that call for the use of a concealable vest.

Some people don’t realize there is a significant difference in the level of protection between an external vest and a concealable one. If optimal safety is your aim, a multi-piece external vest would be your best option.

After all, there’s no reason for you or your family to hide the fact that they’re wearing body armor.

What to Look for in Body Armor

Not all body armor is created equally. Likewise, some brands outperform others. That’s why you should consider a few key factors to help you decide what fits you and your family best.

Comfort and Fit

You don’t want your vest to be too big or too small, as ill-fitting body armor can disrupt movement. It’s also probably safe to say you want to be as comfortable as possible when wearing it. Most body armor offers some padding and adjustability. It’s probably best for you to only consider a body armor vest if it offers both features.


Just because something fits nicely and is comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right product. You also have to be able to move and perform tasks while wearing your armor. Mobility and flexibility are crucial as both allow you to move quickly if necessary.


The whole point of buying body armor is protecting yourself and your loved ones. Your armor needs to protect against as many harmful elements as possible. If it can’t, there’s no point in owning it. Of course, everything has its limits. However, your body armor should be able to protect you against common weapons like knives and standard firearm calibers. But, don’t expect your armor to stop higher calibers such as a .50 BMG.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of body armor are obvious. With its availability and affordable price range, there’s no reason not to buy it. Additionally, you can purchase a variety of other armored items. Check out this armored backpack. Perhaps you can use it for your bug-out bag.

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