DIY Nuclear War Survival Kit

DIY Nuclear War Survival Kit

( – Imagine enjoying your day, maybe having food with family or drinks with friends. Suddenly you get an emergency alert on your phone, or perhaps the emergency broadcast system on your TV. A nuclear attack has been launched against the United S, and your area is a potential target. Have you prepared for such an event?

Aside from shelter, food, and water, you’re going to need some nuclear-specific items in your survival kit. Some nuclear-essential items include:

  • Geiger counter: No need for industrial grade, economical measure just as well. This device will measure radiation accurately and detect fallout areas that you can then avoid.
  • Dosimeter: You will want one for each member of your group. It can be challenging to measure the amount of radiation in any given area, let alone someone’s total exposure to it. These meters are small and typically clip onto your clothing. They alert you when you’re approaching areas consumed by dangerous levels of radiation.
  • Hazmat gear: These items are pretty obvious necessities depending on how close to the epicenter you are located. A mask and a good suit are a must. However, keep in mind that these suits will not protect you from intense levels of radiation.

Another good thing to have handy is supplements and for different reasons. One supplement, activated charcoal, is used to treat radiation poisoning or sickness. The other supplement you need to have is Potassium Iodide. You should take these pills every day. They can’t perform a miracle, but they can protect your thyroid gland, which collects radiation when exposed to high levels.

Include solar panels and a hand-crank radio to charge your phone and keep updated on the situation. Most electronics will be rendered useless by the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by the blast, so be sure to put your electronics in a Faraday box, cage, or bag. Additionally, having an EMP-proof vehicle is always a plus.

First-aid supplies are a must. Including an expeditionary first-aid kit is ideal, as well as eye and burn care kits. Of course, you can never go wrong with duct tape so get some of that too.

Should bombs start falling, be sure to avoid these products as they can be dangerous following a nuclear detonation. Also, check out why it only makes sense to keep these tools around for good measure.

Do you think we will ever see another nuclear device used against a nation again? Are you prepared to handle the devastating aftermath if one is? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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