Firearm Tactics: High Kneeling Weaver

Firearm Tactics: High Kneeling Weaver

( – One important aspect of firearm tactics is knowing which stance is appropriate for the situation at hand. This is precisely why training in multiple stances is vital to survival in an actual firefight. When survival is on the line, chances are you won’t be able to take a traditional gun range approach to the encounter.

In a previous article, we covered the pros of firing from the prone position, so let’s discuss the benefits of kneeling positions.

As the name suggests, the High Kneeling Weaver is a shooting technique done from a kneeling stance. Like the prone position, kneeling is ideal when you can’t make it to cover or concealment in time. This stance minimizes your silhouette or ‘hitbox’, making you a more difficult target to strike.

The position is the same as shown in the video above, except it’s from a kneeling stance. From that position, you can rest your support arm on your leg to provide better stability. Your shooting hand is still used to secure and fire the weapon.

Minimizing your hitbox is crucial when you’re in the open and have to neutralize targets without cover or concealment. This position isn’t always ideal, but it’s worth practicing and adding to your arsenal of knowledge.

You never know what might happen in the future or what firing position you might need to assume. For that reason, it’s vital to go to the range and practice different shooting positions and tune your skills. Be sure to check out this article discussing the various aspects to consider when choosing a shooting range.

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