Utilizing the Prone Position

Utilizing the Prone Position

(TacticalNews.com) -Ever wonder what you should do if a gunfight breaks out and you don’t have any cover or concealment? You always have one effective option — assuming the prone position. It all depends on how you use it.

It’s easy to overlook the advantages of using the prone position. After all, won’t it make it more difficult to run away? Perhaps, but sometimes standing your ground and fighting back is your only option.

In those instances, the prone position can work to your advantage by reducing your silhouette and making you a more challenging target to hit.

Using the prone position also provides the advantage of firing your weapon from a supported position. Prone firing significantly reduces the shaking and swaying associated with high-stress shooting.

Cover or concealment may become available throughout a gunfight, and you can crawl or roll to it from the prone position.

Of course, having situational awareness is critical so you know when you might need to use the prone position or another defensive posture. Check out what you should do if you notice someone following you. Perhaps you can get away and won’t need to worry about the prone position if you follow those simple guidelines.

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