Hunting Tips for End of Season Whitetails

Hunting Tips for End of Season Whitetails

( – If you haven’t tagged a deer this season, don’t fret. We have some tips for end-of-the-season hunting. So, your season isn’t over quite yet. Follow these tips and get that deer.

The first thing you can do is cover your scent more than you would during the rut, or mating season. Once the mating season is over, those whitetail bucks will go back to being cautious of anything that smells out of the ordinary. Be sure to clean your hunting gear with a scent-neutralizing detergent as well as covering yourself in a spray to mask your scent.

Next, make sure your stand or blind are well camouflaged. After all, during the winter months, everything is bare, and bucks can easily spot you. Carry some zip ties to attach pine branches to your stand or blind to help it look natural.

Next, look for areas where bucks may frequent during the winter months looking for food. Whitetails don’t move about as much in winter as they were during the rut. So your chances of running into them will likely increase. Additionally, depending on local laws, you can make food, bait, or treats to attract them and score a buck.

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