Is it Illegal to Craft Your Own Firearms?

Is it Illegal to Craft Your Own Firearms?

( – Firearms are ingrained in our history and our Constitution, and the creation of firearms has been a tradition since before America’s founding. As of now, there are no federal laws that prohibit someone from creating their own handgun. However, states do have regulations in regard to the matter. Below are some tips on having homemade firearms.

The video does a great job of explaining the laws surrounding the subject. One such law states that a Federal Firearm License isn’t necessary for one to manufacture their own gun for personal use.

However, as the video mentions, if there is an intention to sell the firearm, then you would need a license. And then, if you built the firearm, kept it for a while and later decided to sell it, you could legally do so without a license.

Long story short, the law doesn’t state what you can do, but rather what you can’t. As long as you don’t violate these prohibitions, you should be in the clear. Please note that the above is not legal advice, and individuals should conduct their own research on local laws before doing anything related to the manufacture or sale of firearms.

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