Pains Associated With Being a CCW Owner

Pains Associated With Being a CCW Owner

( – Gun owners who conceal carry their firearms typically don’t want people to know they have a gun on them. Not only does keeping the firearm concealed provide a tactical advantage, but it also avoids drawing unnecessary attention. However, concealed carry comes with its pains.

One of those pains occurs when someone accidentally feels your gun. Despite your best efforts, it happens occasionally. There’s typically an awkward moment where they give you a shocked look. Fortunately, they usually go on about their day after a couple of seconds.

Emergency pit-stops can also present a problem if you open carry. Yes, businesses have the right to determine whether people can carry on their property or not. But, you may need to take the time to remove your gun from your person and either give it to someone else to hold or find somewhere to place it while you attend to your needs.

Additionally, long car rides can be a pain in the butt, or back in this case. Most people typically place their concealed carry gun in their console or glove box, but sometimes you’re simply in a rush and keep your gun in its holster.

Some people don’t leave home without their guns. While there’s nothing wrong with this, there could be a moment of panic when your body forgets about your weapon. This moment of panic could be brought on by you thinking you may have misplaced your gun.

Large meals can also leave less room in your waistband for your handgun, which can be very uncomfortable. Comfort is essential to carrying your firearm and doing so safely.

While concealed carry is a great option and is widely accepted, it does have its downsides. Check out the differences between concealed carry and open carry and determine which is best for you.

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